MagnEFi is an Innovative Training Network funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme of the European Commission. In this project European experts assembled to provide enhanced training and education to early stage researchers on the topic of electric field effects on nanoscale magnetic structures and to make a scientific impact in terms of the design and performance of multi functional spintronics devices. Research in this area is expected ultimately to lead to ultralow power devices for computation and communication with new functionalities.

The consortium that has come together to deliver this training is uniquely qualified to do so, consisting of world-leading experts in condensed matter physics and leading private companies, along with a range of associated partners spanning basic research, machine tool development, industrial and consumer products. The consortium provides a rich training environment that is both international and intersectoral, where the PhD candidates will study at the cutting edge of science and technology, and also come to appreciate the breadth of the field in terms of its intellectual challenges, commercial concerns and relationship to society’s need for ever more powerful information technologies with a reduced environmental footprint.