All MagnEFi ESRs will engage in outreach activities targeting the general public over the course of their employment contracts. A list of these activities is provided here below.

22 November 2022

ESR13 Gyan van der Jagt gave a talk: “PhD in a start-up environment”, to a group of PhD students from the Université Paris-Saclay that were visiting the Spin-Ion lab.

The talk had 3 main topics:

  1. Spin-Ion Technologies
  2. Gyan’s experience as a PhD in a start-up
  3. Taking research from the lab to a start-up.

October 2020-July 2022

ESR12 Cristina Balan was one of the organisers of the PhD student seminars at Institut Néel. These seminars take place once a month, where interns, masters and PhD students (sometimes post-docs too) participate and they present their recent project progress. PhD students are given priority to present as their participation in a good exercise for giving a talk to a large public.

8 June 2022

ESR4 Jintao Shuai attended the Bragg PhD Colloquium 2022 on 8 June 2022, organised by the Bragg Centre for Materials Research, University of Leeds. He gave a talk entitled “Local anisotropy control of Pt/Co/Ir thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy by surface acoustic waves”. The audience included PhD students from different Schools from the University of Leeds, academics from different research fields, and experts from the industry. A series of talks and posters were provided.

21 May 2022

ESRs Gyan van der Jagt was named fellow of the week on the Marie Curie Actions facebook page. The post provides information about Gyan’s background and current work within MagnEFi. To see the post, please click here or here.

6 April 2022

ESRs from the MSCA ITN INIA met with ESRs from the MSCA ITN MagnEFi for a cross sectoral outreach activity. Five ESRs from each project gave presentations about their research projects and their experiences as Marie Curie fellows. The presentations were followed by a short Q&A session. An agenda for the event is available here and some photos are provided here.

25 January 2022

ESR Jintao Shuai attended the Bragg Exchange Conference, which was held at the University of Leeds on 25th January 2022. The audience included professors from different fields, PhD students, master students, and bachelor students from different schools across the University. The event was also streamed on YouTube. Jintao gave a lightning talk and a poster at the conference sharing his latest research results on coercivity control of thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy by surface acoustic waves. For photos from the event, please click here and here.

9 December 2021

ESR Jintao Shuai participated in Skyrmion Seminar at the University of Leeds. He presented his work in MagnEFi to an audience of approximately 15 PIs, post-docs and PhD students at the university.

15 October 2021

ESR1 Subhajit Roy presented his work through a poster at the C2N materials departmental meeting. Over 50 people attended the presentation including permanent staff, master trainees, doctoral and post-doctoral students. For larger photo, please click here.

September 24, 2021

As part of European Researchers’ Night, ESR 3 Adriano di Pietro, presented the MagnEFi network poster and explained a little bit about the MagnEFi project at his host institution INRIM in Italy. More information about the event can be found here: https://www.sharper-night.it/sharper-torino/. The idea of the European Researchers’ Night within the framework of Horizon2020 is to run parallel, Europe-wide public events to raise the awareness on science careers and the enhance public recognition of researchers in general.

September 2021

ESR 13, Gyan van der Jagt, has created a personal Instagram account where he shares small parts about the daily life of an ESR (https://www.instagram.com/phd_with_gyan/)

September 15, 2021

On September 15, ESR 5 Md Golam Hafiz from University of Leeds gave a talk at the CRIM 2021 conference entitled “Back gate effect on magnetic properties on skyrmion manipulation” to an audience of approximately 40 people. A programme of the event is available here.

May 12, 2021

ESR Jintao Shuai (Leeds) gave an online talk at the PG Forum at the University of Leeds on 12th May 2021. Jintao is trying to understand the interaction of surface acoustic waves (SAWs) and magnetic thin films. In his talk, he presented the audience with the background and current research progress of his project, which included the preparation of characterization of Pt/Co and Pt/CoFeB thin films, and the design and building of the SAW circuit. In addition, he demonstrated the influence of SAWs on magnetic thin films by simulation. Future plans were also introduced. This talk aroused the interest of the audience and in-depth discussions were carried out afterwards.

April 2021

ESR Giovanni Masciocchi gave a presentation on what it is like to be a researcher at Liceo Statale “Enrico Fermi”, in Cantù, Italy. The goal of the presentation was to motivate students to choose a career as a researcher in applied sciences. Giovanni also illustrated his project and the Magnefi Network. To view some photos, from the event, please click here.

8 March 2021

In an ongoing collaboration, MagnEFi ESRs worked to produce a second project poster. This poster details the individual ESR projects and can be viewed here.

March 2021

In early 2021, MagnEFi ESRs worked together to produce a YouTube video about the goals of the MagnEFi project. To view the video, please click here.

13 January 2021

ESR Jintao Shuai gave a presentation at the PG Forum at University of Leeds. The audience included academics, post-doctoral researchers, post-graduate students and undergraduate students of the School of Physics and Astronomy. PG Forum is organised by the Condensed Matter Group in the University of Leeds. Due to the current Covid19 situation, the PG Forum was held online.

January 2021

A group of MagnEFi ESRs has set up a working group to create network posters. The first poster became available in January 2021 and presents the network, the connections between people and institutes and the project objectives. To view a larger version of the poster, please click here.

2 December 2020: Presentation at Sensitec

On December 2nd, ESR Giovanni Masciocchi gave a presentation at Sensitec about the effects of the stress in magnetic sensors, the topic of his PhD. To view photos from the event, please click here.

12 September 2020: Telescience Scholar Program, Digilearn 2020, Kerala, India

ESR11, Sreeveni Mozhikunnath Das (Aalto, Finland) delivered a webinar entitled “Learning in the Covid-19 Times at Finland” about her experience learning with MagnEFi during the lockdown period due to Covid19.

September 2020: Creation of a MagnEFi Instagram account

September 2020: Creation of a MagnEFi twitter account

20 August 2020: Creation of MagnEFi facebook page

3 June 2020: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzen

ESR 10, Mouad Fattouhi presented a talk on his work on strain-induced magnetization dynamics and spin textures, including skyrmions and vortices to the CUHKSZ-SICNU laboratory group at the university including information about his work in the framework of MagnEFi.